Using unlicensed clinical staff more effectively

Often physicians are overwhelmed with all the work they need to do to keep up with preventive and chronic disease care guidelines.  As you implement evidence-based guidelines in your practice, there may be items that need to be collected that haven’t been in the past.  For instance, when did your diabetic patient last see their […]

Remedy TBC TIps

This week we released our first Remedy TBC Tips, Using Team Based Care to make life easier for practices. Team-based care is a focus for many practices and it is often difficult to know where and how to start.  One place that might be a good starting point is your physicians’ role in the practice. […]

Teams need to have fun!

When I showed up for a recent site visit, the practice leaders painted a gloomy picture of life at their office. Staff were being unkind to one another, they weren’t helping out when someone was running behind, and tempers were flaring. They were making frequent mistakes and leaving tasks half-completed. Staff meetings had turned into […]

What Is Care Coordination?

Individuals, practices and health systems often ask me to help define care coordination, the role and the structure. What is the value of care coordination, and how should we do it? Care coordination is a fairly new focus area for many practices, and yet medical offices have been coordinating care since way before my time.  […]

Unleashing the Potential of Your Unlicensed Clinical Staff

Your medical and nursing assistants, referral staff and other unlicensed team members play critical roles in your practice. Are you giving them the support and resources they need to achieve their full potential? 5 Steps to Unleash Their Potential Hire the right person. Make sure you know what qualifications you want before you hire. Train, […]

Tips for Managing Change

I love change. Beginning a new project is always exciting, but it also can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips for getting started. Perhaps your practice is adding a staff member, creating a new check-in process, changing the rooming procedure or collecting a different quality measure. Or maybe it’s a larger change, like exploring […]

Are you ready for Ebola?

Realistically, most U.S. medical offices won’t encounter this nasty threat in person. But the recent media coverage does have a tendency to make us reflect on our own infection control policies. And our friends and family are a bit on edge, too. Could it threaten us in the United States? What would we do if […]

Flat Stanley and Process Mapping

  When  creating a new experience for patients, one of the first things to look at is the current ways people interact with your office.  In practice transformation, it’s important to truly understand the process you have currently before even beginning a redesign. An easy way to do this is to create a customer journey […]

Heretics, Radicals and Rebels…Oh My!

Bet you thought your biggest challenge as a healthcare professional would be dealing with patients, right?! Pretty sure you were amazed to find that instead, the majority of the time you are dealing  with that other ‘C’ word….CHANGE.  Oh, and your team’s RESPONSE to CHANGE. I have decided that instead of titles like Practice Manager, […]